A Boise, Idaho tummy tuck by Dr. McKim can give you the taut, toned abdomen you've been wanting.

Idaho Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck by Idaho Surgeon Dr. McKim, Removes What Dieting Can't


Who doesn't want a tighter, flatter, more visually appealing abdominal area? If diet and exercise aren't producing the taut tummy you desire, you may want to consider an Idaho tummy tuck: abdominoplasty. This procedure flattens your abdomen by removing extra fat and skin, and tightens muscles in your abdominal wall.

A highly effective procedure for anyone battling loose abdominal skin or loose abdominal muscles (resulting from pregnancy, obesity, weight fluctuations), tummy tucks produce a smoother, firmer abdominal region.

Not to be confused with liposuction (which removes fat deposits from targeted areas), Dr. McKim may suggest liposuction be used in conjunction with your Idaho tummy tuck. However, unlike liposuction, a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure.

Dr. McKim's staff Certified Nurse Anesthetist will administer general anesthesia prior to the tummy tuck, putting you to sleep for the duration of the procedure. The procedure is performed in Dr. McKim's on-site ambulatory surgical facility, maximizing your convenience, comfort and privacy. The state-of-the-art surgery center provides the same high level of care associated with a traditional hospital setting.

Schedule your private consultation with Dr. McKim to discuss your tummy tuck today and ask for a quick tour of the surgical center.

Tummy Tuck Toning

Tummy tucks provide equal benefits for women and men. Women with stretched abdominal muscles and skin related to pregnancy can look forward to a restored midsection. Men or women who have beaten obesity, but are left batting abdominal fat deposits and loose skin can achieve the abdominal look they deserve. However, if you are currently losing weight, you will want to wait until your weight has stabilized before proceeding with tummy tuck plans.

You will want to talk to Dr. McKim to determine if a tummy tuck is your best option. You can discuss with him your abdominal concerns, helping him to determine a treatment plan that ensures the best results possible. If you have skin blemishes you would like treated, we also offer CO2 laser treatments. Call today to schedule your private consultation with Dr. McKim.

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