Boise, Idaho botox treatment is an easy and comfortable way for an instantly noticable improvement.

Idaho Botox

Idaho Botox Treatment for An Instantly Noticable Improvement

Dynamic wrinkles such as scowl lines between your eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet are caused by repetitive facial expression. Botox® weakens the muscles responsible for these facial expressions, dramatically improving the wrinkles. When administered by a trained plastic surgeon such as Dr. McKim in Idaho, Botox® weakens these targeted areas without detracting from your facial expressiveness.

Botox® is Idaho's (and the United States') number one cosmetic procedure. Botox® treatment is safe, easy and usually takes just 10-20 minutes to administer. You can expect your Botox® results to last three to 12 months, with the average last-time around six months.

Following injection, recovery is immediate. You can return to work or daily activities immediately. You will see noticeable improvement in your wrinkles within 24 hours and continue to see improvement for five days.

Your Idaho Botox® treatment will reduce targeted wrinkles by 80 percent. Results vary among individual cases, and the results are temporary. You will need to plan for additional injections, depending on your long-term treatment goals. This should be discussed with Dr. McKim in a private consultation.

Botox Works

Because selection of injection points is critical to treatment success, it is important you consult a qualified doctor about your goals and expectations from the treatment. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. McKim has extensive experience in performing safe, Idaho Botox® injections. Dr. McKim also has extensive experience in determining appropriate individual dosage, another key factor in your Botox® to treatment success.

Schedule a private consultation with Dr. McKim to discuss Botox® treatment and learn if Botox® is right for you.


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